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Critical Communication Solutions for Hospitality

Working in hospitality you are constantly working with people. Being able to communicate with your staff and guests is on of the most important issues that you face on a daily basis.


Part of taking care of your guests is being able to communicate with them at all times. Because of this, VoiceCast mass notification allows you to reach your employees and guests for daily communication needs, or emergency communication. In the event of an emergency, such as an active shooter, VoiceCast allows you to quickly and efficiently notify guests and employees in the area, record safety checkins, and even send specific messages to certain groups and areas. Configuration is easy and can be done ahead of time. There is nothing more stressful than an emergency situation. However, VoiceCast is designed to reduce stress in the moment by allowing you to prepare in advance.


Teleira’s notification service is different because it can be purchased with a satellite and cloud backup platform. Often an emergency or disaster comes with added stress from loss of communication capabilities. Teleira VoiceShield satellite and cloud allow you to seamlessly recover crtical communication capabilities. What good is a mass notification system if when disaster strikes you are unable to use it anyway. Local phone lines can easily become congested, lines can be cut, or your provider could experience an outage. In any case, VoiceShield satellite recovers the call and re-routes it through satellite ensuring you never lose the ability to communicate.