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Critical Communication Solutions for Education

Educators carry with them a tremendous amount of responsibility. Whether it is for normal day to day care, or during/in respose to a tragic event, communication is extremely important.


VoiceCast mass notification can be used to alert faculty, students and parents of potential dangers on campus and recieve responses back. It can also be used to send simple, less urgent reminders to faculty, students and parents. VoiceCast has a simple and easy to understand user interface, so that anyone in your faculty with access will be able to easily operate it without extensive trainings. We want to make your emergency situations manageable and less stressful. Because of this, we allow you to set up situational preferences BEFORE the emergency takes place. Learn more about how to alert your faculty of emergencies using VoiceCast so you are ready when the time comes.


With great notification services, it is important that we provide backup in case of a disaster. Most notification services work well when your service provider is working well and your communication lines are strong. But what about an emergency the causes your lines to go down? Teleira offers a satellite and cloud backup solution that ensures your phone lines never go down. Using the same simple interface as the notification system, you can reroute calls to different numbers, turn deskphones into satellite phones, and execute seamless transitions from traditional communcation to satellite. Ensure you are always able to communicate in times of need with Teleira’s VoiceShield satellite and cloud.